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Learn about social trading

Social trading is basically a social network comprised of novice, intermediate and expert investors. Traders can learn more about this career and support each other with their decision-making.

Social trading gives you a chance to analyze experienced trader behavior by consulting their results and their histories. In addition, you can copy their positions on the market and copy trade them. This is how you will improve as a trader.

The BoomForex platform enables you to easily copy and get larger visibility on all trades made in real time.

How it works

1 Copy trading

Join the thousands of traders who have discovered how to invest intelligently by automatically imitating our community’s best traders. You can then benefit from their expertise and copy their trading accounts without any management fees.

2 Be copied

Are you an experienced trader? Are you successful? Participating in our elite trader program, it will be very beneficial for you to be copied. Be copied and earn additional commissions if a member copies you. Become an Elite trader.
Become an elite trader

3 Learn and share

No matter your level of expertise, take advantage of the BoomForex community to share your knowledge and to enhance it. Learn from the elite traders strategies. If you are an elite trader, allow others to copy you and learn by copying your strategies.



The BoomForex platform: Pure simplicity for traders of all levels!

<< Social trading on the BoomForex platform is easier than ever! I get the chance to use a cutting-edge platform and I have access to unparalleled customer service to answer any of my questions. Obviously, I can’t help but to recommend BoomForex to everyone! It has been the best decision of my life! >>

Guillaume Aubin/ France

Copy Elite traders, simply copy the best.


Create an account

When you create an account with BoomForex, all of your information will remain confidential. The process is also completely free. With BoomForex, there are no fake credits or non withdrawable amounts. Everything is real and transparent! You can also take advantage of multiple payment methods.


Find the top traders

With BoomForex, our traders are all very professional and they excel day after day. Just find those with a trading profile you like.
Discover the top traders


Copy their trades

Once you have selected the traders you like, all you need to do now is to copy their trades and then get the same results as them.


Manage your copies

Just manage your account, make your copies and collect your money. Everything is easily done on the BoomForex platform!

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